WHI: Benghazi Revelations and … Landslide??

Ulsterman has published a new White House Insider post, with some exciting info about the changing fortunes (even literally) of the Obama re-election campaign. Here’s a snippet about the latter; there’s much more in the article itself.

Momentum. Momentum. Momentum. We got it. They don’t. There is some feedback circling the drain from the Obama side. Operatives saying they are going to lose this thing. When people in the campaign start to voice that stuff enough that the other side is hearing it, that gives you a snapshot of where the campaigns are really at. I put the governor’s chances at 70% right now.

Did you notice the Oregon news? I told you the internals on that about two weeks ago, right? Nobody in the media saw that coming. Now they are confirming Oregon is in play. Oregon! And there is a ton more like that on the map.

And the Obama campaign knows it. We’re feeding it to them. A little here and there. Pissing in their cheerios every morning. Hey look guys! Now Pennsylvania is trending Romney. Enjoy the rest of your day now. They don’t know where to go from here. Having to borrow money.

As Glenn Reynolds says, Read The Whole Thing.

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2 Responses to “WHI: Benghazi Revelations and … Landslide??”

  1. C33 says:

    How’s that landslide looking now? Gullible to the end.

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