“Wave election” to slam once-safe Democrat congressional seats

Wave Election Coming
Despite Democrat assertions that GOP and Tea Party momentum has “peaked,” polls show that the closer we get to November 2, the more Democrat congressional seats are coming into play — even seats usually considered safe Democrat strongholds. Wall Street Journal covers this well; I like this quote:

Republican advances in traditionally Democratic states, including Connecticut, Oregon and Washington, may not translate into a wave of GOP victories. But they have rattled local campaigns and forced the Democrats to shift attention and money to races they didn’t expect to be defending.

Rising sentiment against the party in power has washed ashore even in coastal Oregon, where Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio won his 10th re-election two years ago with 82% of the vote.

“I am having the same problem that Democrats are having across the country, which is ennui,” he said, noting that his opponent’s yard signs “are thick” across much of the district. Mr. DeFazio said he is facing the fight of his political life.

It reminds me of what someone said a few months back, “How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ out for ya?”

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