Dems’ fantasy: Tea Parties more trouble to GOP, than to them

On Sunday’s This Week TV program, left-leaning talking heads continued pushing the tired idea that the Tea Parties are gunning for the Republican Party, not the incumbent Congress and the Obama agenda. George Will set them straight:

On balance across the country, the Tea Party is enormous help for the Republicans. At the beginning of the year, the question was, will the Tea Party people play nicely with others and will they obey the rules of politics? Who’s sort of not playing nicely? Mr. Crist starts losing the primary to a Tea Party favorite, Rubio. He suddenly discovers that he’s an independent and changes all his views overnight.

Mrs. Murkowski loses a primary and suddenly discovers that she has a property right in her Senate seat and she’s going to run as a write-in. Senator Bennett thought of that in Utah, Senator Castle in Delaware is thinking of a write-in candidate. Who are the extremists?

(h/t Newsbusters)

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November Is Coming

Each of the past several election cycles — particularly the presidential elections — I’ve thought “this is the most important election of my lifetime.” And, sadly for our nation, it’s been true. The stakes in the election returns have been quite high — which is distressing because it means that the issues facing our president and congress have been so crucial to our prosperity (even to our existence), that the winners of a particular election  have had far more influence on the entire nation’s future than the Founders ever intended.

Since Congress’ has seized the ability to tax and deficit-spend unimaginable amounts of money (who truly understands a trillion dollars!), the outcome of each election doesn’t just result in tinkering around the edges of Federalism. Each election is the culmination — and the continuation — of an enormous struggle for control of wealth and power, as decided by Congress’ doling-out of dollars to this-or-that entitled group.

As I noted above, this was not how the Founding Fathers intended the national government to operate. I believe even the most ardent pro-Constitution supporter would not have voted, in 1789, in favor of the current system of bloated, tyrannical national government.

Because the current president and congress have deliberately strayed so far from the original vision of  Federalism, the upcoming election on November 2d, as well as the following election in November 2012, truly may be the most important elections of our lifetimes. They may be the very last opportunities we have, as voting citizens of the United States, to stop business-as-usual in Washington, DC, and begin the long, difficult and painful process of rolling-back the structure, power and machinery of the federal government to something that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams could live with and support.

In the video clip below, you’ll hear Ronald Reagan describing the importance of an earlier election. But his words are even more true in 2010, as the video montage of recent events reminds us.

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