Help elect 50 conservatives from a “one-stop shopping” Tea Party website!

Want to help elect conservative candidates on November 2nd, but don’t know where to focus your efforts? Easy answer: Election Day Tea Party 2010

Since February 2009, the Tea Party movement has inspired tens of thousands of people across the country to organize tea party rallies. These rallies have given millions of concerned, patriotic Americans a way to focus their energies.

Now comes the most important rally of all: Election Day Tea Party.

A group of volunteer tea party activists from every corner of America has come together to compile this list of the top 50 races in the House of Representatives. These incumbents in many cases voted for both the Stimulus and Obamacare. Of the 435 races currently underway for the control of your seats in Congress, these are the 50 contests where your individual efforts can help the challengers win.

This race is bigger than Barack Obama. It’s bigger than Nancy Pelosi. The 2010 election cycle has been rightly called the most important election of our lifetime for a reason. November 2 is our time of choosing. Will our republic succumb to the assault on our freedom by the Ruling Class currently controlling Congress? Or will We the People come to the polls in November and once again bury tyrannical designs in the ashcan of history?

We the People choose to save the republic.

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