Chilean Miners Rescue: what if it happened in, say, West Virginia?

chilean miners rescueJohn Lillipop at American Conservative Daily imagines the cave-in that trapped 33 Chilean miners happening a bit differently. What if this crisis, rather than the Obama oil spill disaster, had occurred over the summer — how might it have played out?

Here are the first two events in Lillipop’s sequence:

  1. On August 5, Obama claims that the mine disaster was “inherited” from the Bush administration, which blocked urgently needed regulatory reform in order to pacify Wall Street investors.
  2. Obama promises “immediate action” to reform mine safety with a host of new regulations that could ultimately bankrupt the coal industry, thereby ending coal mine disasters forever.

You can imagine how the fun would have continued, but John has done all that heavy mental lifting for you! See how close you can come to his version of the Obama Disaster script.

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